If you walk into a Walmart, or a Target, and look up at the ceiling, you’ll probably notice hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lights shining down on you. Most stores around the country don’t use LEDs, but soon they probably will. 

LEDs are more energy efficient, last longer, and comply with environmental regulations, so eventually everyone will be making the switch. And since it’s going to require quite an investment to “relamp” the store, LEDs provide an opportunity to make that money back in lowered energy costs.

If you were the manager of one of these large stores, wouldn’t you want the lights to do something more than, well, light the store? Perhaps it’s time to add some intelligence to these bulbs.

With Basic6’s IoT platform, we can connect all your lights to your network so they can be monitored, individually controlled, and programmed. You could add sensors to your lights that detect the amount of people underneath them, how hot each bulb is, the average air quality in one square meter of a store—anything! We can control one light, or one million. 

We can even help you to make them LiFi enabled. Think of all the things you could with your connected, networked lights if they could also be used to transmit data rather than simply shine! 

Wouldn’t that be brilliant?