According to Newsweek, Apple is testing ways to integrate LiFi into their future technologies. This is great news for all of us! LiFi has many superior capabilities to radio wave transmission. It's faster, more secure, and will alleviate some of the congestion on our radio-based networks.   

Connection through light is the next logical step for digital communication. If a company as large as Apple is playing attention, the widespread adoption and integration of LiFi may not be very far away.

Now, we at Basic6 have been working on LiFi for a while now. We've just returned from CES and NRF2016, where we were displaying the fruits of our labor. If you haven't yet seen it, check out this video of one of our engineers demonstrating the technology in action. It's very cool!

We are excited Apple is beginning to explore this technology. The future of LiFi just got a little brighter!   

Check out our website for more information on what we are doing with light based communications, and check our blog for updates.