Continuing the tremendous momentum we've accumulated from CES last week, we were able to secure a booth last minute (due to the persistence of our extremely talented VP of business development)  at Retail's Big Show at the Javits Center, Sunday through Tuesday of next week. 

If you missed us in Las Vegas, come see us in Manhattan! Our booth will targeted towards retailers, so we'll be demoing our indoor geolocation and data-analytics targeted product GeoLiFi. But we'll also be showing our one-way data-over-light product, MyLeo. It's really cool. Here is the text of a press release that we're sent out, which can also be seen on our press page:

Basic6 and Oledcomm to show cutting-edge proximity marketing and data analytics through LED lighting at the NRF Big Show 2016, Booth 4456

New York City, January 12, 2016 – Partners Basic6 and Oledcomm will be showcasing their highly accurate indoor positioning, proximity marketing, and customer and employee analytics solution for retailers using theLED lighting infrastructure at the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show at the Javits Center in New York City from January 17-19.

GeoLiFi™ from Basic6 and Oledcomm is an innovative end-to-end solution which uses a store’s lighting infrastructure to anonymously deliver proximity messaging, deeper information about products, related promotions, and visual shopping lists to customers and employees. At the same time, the solution provides the retailer with detailed analytics down to the end-cap, if desired, of such metrics as customer and employee engagement rates as well as store, department and aisle dwell times.  

Through GeoLiFi, retailers can provide information to and glean information from customers and employees through an existing piece of their infrastructure, saving energy costs. Organizations can tailor the installation of the lights through retrofitting existing LED installations or installing new that can work directionally to produce as precise a target area as six inches. Retailers and museums can utilize the technology to increase sales, differentiate the customer experience and collect real-time data about customer and employee patterns and activity, merchandising and advertising effectiveness, and hot and cold zones.

“The energy savings of LED lighting are enormous. Today, Basic6 and Oledcomm can connect those lights into a network for energy management bringing additional savings. We can also communicate data from each light, including streaming music and the internet from LEDs, so that every light is an information channel. Through GeoLiFi, retailers can implement a communications infrastructure today that is poised for the future,” said Edward Samson, CEO of Basic6.

GeoLiFi can be combined with beacons for a hybrid solution. LiFi lighting can be installed in overhead lighting or as a pin light in a store fixture for a very precise area of coverage.

This partnership connects Oledcomm, French hardware manufacturer, member of La French Tech and numerous Prix d’Innovation, who brings LiFi (or light fidelity) capability to LED lights, with Basic6, an American cloud and software company named Best Startup at Interop, that brings LiFi installations to life with their proximity marketing and data analytics software suite.

To see a demo of Basic6 and Oledcomm’s products and services at NRF, visit the Basic6 Oledcomm booth #4456. Visit Basic6 for more information on GeoLiFi for retail and Oledcomm for more information on LiFi communication through light.

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Nancy Corbett