The b6launch platform for Internet of Things devices has always had Makers in mind. The goal is to have a service that can give access to many IoT platforms. You bring it, you can connect it. Right now, basic6 supports the most popular boards such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black and the Arduino Yun, and the list of supported devices is growing.

With b6Launch, you can mix and match any board and operating system combination that you feel most comfortable with. Each of the most popular development boards has it's own super-power, and that's why your project might include more than one different type. Our Web management page puts them all together in a easy to use tabbed view. We give you the power of grouping different board platforms together with the ease of a point and click. If you need to run Python scripts on a Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone at the same time, just highlight both, and Execute the run command. It's that easy. In addition, keeping all those different operating systems updated is just as simple.

b6launch is very easy to figure out. Unlike other IoT management services, our platform's flow is very easy to follow, and allows you to understand the process of getting started and staying connected. Managing a bunch of different device platforms is very complicated, but we take care of all the heavy lifting and allow you to focus on what you do best—creating ideas.

We use Ethernet and WiFi for all of our connections, which happens to be the most open and common way to connect things today. Some of the other services use closed communication systems, such as the cellular network to connect devices. This adds additional cost for network access as well as the hassle of dealing with the cellular networks. The cellular carriers are very picky about what is riding on their networks, and trying to place an unregulated IoT device in service might be tricky.

Our platform has and always will be free to get started on. With the b6launch service, you can connect any 5 devices of your choice, with any software of your choice for as long as you like! Some management services only give you a 30 day free trial. Seems to us, that just when you get your project up and running, other services require you to pay. With basic6, you can take as long as you like for development to get your project just right. Also, you can use the service as much as you need to, without worrying about pesky data limits.

basic6 has taken the time to refine the use of b6launch to be transparent to your project. We don't need any clumsy 'Relay Paths' or require you to take up program space with some proprietary library. Your project is your project, and we take care of the details of remote management in an invisible and non-intrusive way.

Choose b6launch for your project's remote management platform, and see how easy it is to make and maintain an IoT device.

Check it out at basic6.com!