A 'distro' is the software package that you install on the Raspberry Pi and the BeagleBone. Each distro is version of the Linux Operating System with different packages pre-installed and a different user 'feel'.  Most users move toward the default software for their particular micro-controller, but there is a wealth of different software options available. There are a few distros to explore such as: Ubuntu, Kali Linux and the most popular Raspbian. Trying a different distro is as simple as downloading an image and writing it on the SD card your device uses.

The B6Launch agent has been tested to work with each of these and offers the same features and level of control no matter which distro you choose. The Basic6 installation and registration procedure is the same for any one you choose...regardless of the Operating System...regardless of the board. B6Launch offers a unified way to administer your IoT project.