July 29th was a big night for IoT, when Columbia university hosted the latest in a of a series of IoT events around Manhattan organized by NYC IoT.

Columbia’s IoT Demo Night for its summer course “The Internet of Things: Theory and Practice” was a great event that showcased the important IoT developments in both academia and industry. As explained by the course’s professors themselves, the class served to teach the abstract concepts of IoT and then connect them to practical applications in commercial and industrial fields. 

There were many insightful presentations that evening from the professors, and representatives from Atmel and; perhaps most interesting however, were the student presentations!

Each team put together a website for their course work. If you look at this one you can see the details of James Olsen and David Calhoun’s “Cloud Home Survailence and Target Detection” system. It's really neat!

Many other great ideas were presented too—a Smart IV Insulin Infusion System, a Smart Self-Adaptive Air Conditioner, the “Up and Down” Golf Putting Aid, and presentation on Digital Security for the Internet of Things. Pretty impressive work for a 5 week class, wouldn’t you say?

We at basic6 looking forward to more great events from IoT Central! And we would be more than happy to help Columbia's students by giving them free access to our platform