So, you’re on the side of the road, your car has broken down and you don’t know what to do.

What if, instead of calling a tow truck, you could call your dealer and they could remotely diagnose what is wrong and fix it remotely? A perfect world, no?

If Tesla’s recent experience fixing recalled cars without them moving out of their owners’ driveways is the future, then we like it a lot! The same way your phone might receive an upgrade, Tesla is sending software updates over the air and allowing their owners to schedule when they are performed.

Better, yet, the car monitors itself and alerts Tesla (with your permission!) to issues so they can be fixed before they become a bigger problem. 

Benefits we see in this: happier customers, better car performance, reduced overhead in dealer repair facilities, capturing a percentage of the repair market – well, we could keep going. Would a car company be able to sell new features, remotely installed, to past Tesla customers to capture additional sales dollars? Could a car company offer remote service plans with varying levels of service and cost? Opens up a lot of ideas!

But, even if this will only eliminate most trips to the mechanic, we’re on board!

Read more about Tesla's use of the Internet of Things in its service program. 

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