All successful retailers know that customer satisfaction is essential, yet in this era of outsourcing, customers are feeling neglected.

An Oracle research report found that 81% of customers would be willing to spend more for superior customer service. Additionally, 44% said that they were willing to pay more than a 5% premium for better treatment (1). The data is clear—retailers cannot afford to ignore their consumers. 

With an understanding of these trends, basic6 is working globally with businesses and luxury brands to create hi-tech, customized LiFi retail solutions. We venture to maximize consumer satisfaction for your clients and maximize profits for your organization.

Our system delivers geographically targeted push notifications, centered around each LiFi enabled LED. This technologies allows us to provide many useful features, including: 

  • Your customers can find products they’re looking for on an interactive map, which is pretty useful!
  • They’ll get useful information about products around them which they otherwise may not have noticed as they walked along the aisles.
  • Integrating technology into a familiar experience is cool! And your customer will be grateful you’ve given them an informed shopping experience.

Whether you have a single bulb, or an entire network of lights, GeoLiFi can work for you. To read about our LiFi software that powers our GeoLiFi product line, click here.

And to read our full GeoLiFi retail brochure, you can download it here. And do not hesitate to contact us!

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