In the last post I talked about the past and the present of LiFi. Now I want to talk about the future:

 The refinement of the LED component as a practical replacement for the everyday light bulb, has started people thinking about using them to transmit data in the open air. Besides being far more energy efficient and reliable than traditional lighting, LED’s have the ability to be switched on and off at very fast rates; even faster than we can see! This uses the same persistence of vision that movies and TV’s have been using for a long time.

 Although people cannot perceive the LED lights flashing, the cameras that are included with modern cellphones and laptop computers can sense and decode data within the modulation.

The most common way people are picturing LiFi for the future, is a two-way exchange of data, between the lights in the room, and your phone or computer through the open air. Some engineers imagine that LiFi has the advantage of providing a very specific and localized network. Unlike the blanketed broadcast nature of a WiFi network, LiFi can send data tailored to your exact placement in a room, office or store.

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