The device token is an important part of using the b6Launch service. Your personalized device token is issued when you first create a user account with basic6. It's pretty easy to find if you look at your User information at the top right of the b6Launch window. Click on your user name, and there will be a tab for handling your device token. Write it down someplace handy, and it will always be ready when you want to add more devices to b6Launch.

The device token is matched to your User account and used whenever you would like to add a device to your management account. In the case of the Aduino Yun, it must be edited into the installation sketch that you can download from our website. If you are adding a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone to your account, simply input it in at the installation script prompt when you are asked for it. Easy-Peasy!

When you first see it, the Token looks really long and complicated, but once you type it in a few times, you'll start to remember most of it. The truth really IS long and complicated..for a good reason. Security. 'With great power, comes great responsibility', and the sort of total access you get to your device with Basic6 cannot be treated lightly. We are able to host thousands and thousands of devices on our service, and keeping them all separate is no easy task. Everyone's project is important to them, as we are sure your project is important to you; so we take security very seriously. The first step we take is issuing a long, unique device token to keep everyone safe.

Misplaced your device token? Not a big problem. On the device token tab is a 'Generate' button. When you click the button, our service issues a new, unique device token to your account. This will work on all devices you add in the future, and your old token will not work to register new devices. However, all your older devices will keep working with the old device token once they are already registered on b6Launch.